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Welcome to Ecco

Ecco is a python library for explaining Natural Language Processing models using interactive visualizations.

Language models are some of the most fascinating technologies. They are programs that can speak and understand language better than any technology we've had before. For the general audience, Ecco provides an easy way to start interacting with language models. For people closer to NLP, Ecco provides methods to visualize and interact with underlying mechanics of the language models.

Ecco runs inside Jupyter notebooks. It is built on top of pytorch and transformers.

Ecco is not concerned with training or fine-tuning models. Only exploring and understanding existing pre-trained models.


How-to Guides

API Reference

The API reference and the architecture page explain Ecco's components and how they work together.

Getting Help

Having trouble?

  • The Discussion board might have some relevant information. If not, you can post your questions there.
  • Report bugs at Ecco's issue tracker